Zutter Innovative Products is a division of Int’l Trading Contacts for over 25 years. Among the companies that we have produced product for are GBC, Chatterbox, All My Memories, Konica Minolta, Li’l Davis, 7Gypsies, Karen Foster, KI Memories, Junkitz and various others in other countries such as Austria, Australia, South Africa etc.

We have focused our emphasis in producing custom design work for the various designers. Our second and most important focus has been in developing a variety of tools which are included in todays’ market in the stationery as well as the scrapbook industry.

Our extensive experience in product development will guarantee you the most innovative and well designed products that remain in the market for many years and decades to follow.

We invite you to become familiar with our latest developments, Bind-it-All and DreamKuts, products that are new and unique. These products have been presented in the European market and are having an incredible acceptance. We are certain that both Bind-it-All and DreamKuts will become the standard for scrapbooking, home use, stationery, schools and churches etc. Their applications and usefulness are endless. Nothing in the market has ever been able to bring into the home environment, the capability of making all kinds of professional bindings with double Owire bindings. Indeed, Bind-it-All and DreamKuts are a breakthrough and are now available for the general public to enjoy.